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Gulf Blend Beans in Compostable Kraft Tube

Gulf Blend Beans in Compostable Kraft Tube

VAT Included


Please return the kraft tube when we deliver your next order for refilling or composting



A unique well balanced blend of aged Indian Monsooned coffee with a touch of deeply complex washed Uganda African Moon coffee.


Origin – mainly Indian Monsooned with a touch of Uganda African Moon, 100% Arabica


Body – Heavy syrupy mouthfeel


Aroma – Molasses, Woodsy, Spicy, Earthly


Taste – Low Acidity, Heavy Oak, Cedar Tone, Grapefruit Note in the end.


Best – Espresso, Cappuccino, Flatwhite

SKU: 632835642834572

    We will replace or refund any Orbis coffee product if it arrives and is already open or is considered to be roasted incorrectly. Just let us know and we will be pleased to put matters right.

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