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Kopi Luwak is coffee brewed on beans that has been through the digestion system of a civet – a cat like mostly nocturnal mamma. The civet eat the coffee cherries for their fleshy pulp, but the beans are left intact all the way through the digestion system. The enzymes inside the civet’s stomach extract the bitterness from the coffee, making Kopi Luwak smooth and mild with a sweet aftertaste. Kopi Luwak from the civets living in the wild of Bali are quite picky animals when it comes to coffee and only eat the best berries, which guarantees quality beans. Collecting process is quite time consuming, which explains why the prices can get close to 1000$ for a kilo


Origin – Bali, Indonesia


Body – Smooth and Heavy


Aroma –Dark Chocolate, Sweet Cognac


Taste –Smooth Dark Chocolate, Rich and Balanced Aftertaste


Best – Pour Over, Espresso

Kopi Luwak Wild Harvested

VAT Included